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Live from Art Hack Day

Art Hack Day begins tonight, so if you’re in NYC and looking for something to do, come out and see a few dozen art-hacker projects that were all made over the last two days by over 50 participants. Following are some sneak peek photos of what to expect, and these don’t include the iOS jump rope software, earthquake jello project, pizza machine, 10-second GIF photobooth, and numerous other projects being assembled as I write this!

Mesh4LYFE, by Sean McIntyre, a homemade mesh network whose LEDs are displaying Conway’s Game of Life

LOLDIALER by @huertanix, enter your number and prepare to be rickrolled!

3D-printed object of “Kinect space” with gold leaf by Sofy Yuditskaya, the object blends old and new world art-making techniques

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