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OK Go Plays a Thousand Instruments with a Car

OK Go’s new video for the song Needing/Getting has the band playing a thousand instruments… with a car. Yep, they rigged up a Chevy Sonic hatchback with retractable pneumatic arms, then drove a course with specially tuned instruments at specific intervals while extending the arms to hit each in time with the song. This allowed them to capture both the video itself along with audio elements, which they mixed into the the final track. Elements of which were aired during the Superbowl as an ad. [via Mashable]

14 thoughts on “OK Go Plays a Thousand Instruments with a Car

  1. Is this chevy ad part of a song or is the song part of a chevy ad. i don’t get it. i liked the fake vrooming sounds from the “engine” though. those made me laugh..

    also, i feel left out, did i miss something and people actually did care about ok go past the treadmill video?

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