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Four Years of Making

Dear beloved MAKE readers,

Today is my last day as Senior Video Producer for MAKE. The past four years have been, undoubtedly, the best times of my life so far. I’m immensely thankful to have been a part of such a dedicated and talented team — they’re like family to me. While you won’t be seeing me on the blog, Make: Live, or CRAFT videos any longer, this isn’t so much “goodbye” as “see you around.” I’ll always be a proud member of the maker community.

After a little time off, I’ll be taking a position at Adafruit Industries, heading up the wearable electronics group, and of course, you know I can’t resist making videos. I’m delighted to dig into more ambitious projects than ever before, so I hope you’ll check them out.

I thought I’d share some of my “greatest hits” videos from over the years, so here goes (after the jump)…

My first videos ever for MAKE/CRAFT, the Skeleton Cardigan. Part one shows you how to Photoshop an image into a knitting pattern, and part two shows how to knit it up. This sweater was lost in my luggage coming back from Maker Faire Bay Area 2008, so the video’s all I’ve got to remember it by.

Twitchie Scorpion!

LED Embroidery

LilyPad Arduino 101

DIY Soda

Firefox Necklace

TV-B-Gone Jacket

iPhone Gloves

Beating Heart Headband

Best of Make: Live Season 1

You can check out my entire body of video work for MAKE/CRAFT in the Becky’s Workshop YouTube playlist, and if you want to keep up with my projects, follow me on Twitter. See you around the tubes!

38 thoughts on “Four Years of Making

  1. “So long and thanks for all the fish!” :)
    But seriously, Best wishes on your new adventure. You’ve provided us ‘make fans’ with a lot of great material over the years. Thanks!

  2. You’ve done some really cool stuff and it’s inspired me to get experienced with sewing! Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  3. Your videos were so good that you are going to be a hard act to follow. Good luck at Adafruit, I’m sure it will be a great success!

  4. Your touch is a nice female techie one – I hope this will continue here on Make, as we are rare animals (meaning that there are still not so many women in the electronics maker tinker realm). I had a lot of fun following your brain tinker “creations”.
    You will definitely find your place in the Adafruit Realm. Enjoy your break!

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