A MAKE reader named Aaron emailed me today and wrote:


I picked up the Make Special Issue: Ultimate Kit Guide today. After gleefully devouring its packed pages, I felt that it was important to thank your team for putting together such a wonderful collection of items. What I appreciate most is the distilled simplicity of it. Web searches are often overwhelming and while pouring through an items forum can be revealing, they usually lack a quality evaluation of the items. The personal commentary of the reviewers is priceless as it helps to cut through the hype and/or lack of information associated with many kits, and gets to the heart of what I as a reader am interested in. Thanks again for going the extra mile.



Thanks so much for the email, Aaron. I’m so glad you like the issue and gave us feedback. You response is exactly what we were hoping to achieve with the guide, so this is great news!

And be sure to check out Make: Kit Reviews, our online kit review guide.