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Name This Six-Legged Walker Toy

These videos have been making the viral rounds today. They’re a sneak peek and a draft promo video for a six-legged robotic toy in development at Wow! Stuff in the UK. And the toy is definitely a wow. The R/C walker has interchangeable weapon heads that fire foam darts, ping pong balls, poker chip-like disks, and the toys have interchangeable armor that flies off when hit by other walkers.

The developers are looking for a name for the toy and ideas for armor designs and customization pieces. They’ll be giving away one of the toys for the name they choose and for any designs they use. I love this toy designer’s child-like enthusiasm. We have to get him to Maker Faire!

Name Our Toy

36 thoughts on “Name This Six-Legged Walker Toy

  1. Some name suggestions for cool robot. :)
    “Dark Bot”
    “Take Over Tank”
    “Ultrasix” (because of the six legs)
    “Spicrawl” (as in Spider)

  2. You absolutely have to get Jamie to Maker Faire and bring his giant robot with him. The toys are actually a small version of it. Maybe he has time to complete it now after the toy design is done. I have been watching his youtube channel for years too, amazing guy doing his thing the “adventure builder” way.

  3. I played “prefix”/”suffix” to come up with names

    “Arachnogedon” or “Armagedtron”
    “Warriachs” (halfway between “warrior” and “arachnids”)
    “Exotrons” (“exoskeleton”/”tronic”)
    “Pods of Prey”
    “Warriax” (warrior/thorax)

  4. Just be careful that you dont run into
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    You can light a fire for a man to keep warm for a day


    You can light him on fire and not have to hear all that damn whining anymore

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