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Dimmable LED Light Panel
If you’re looking for a cheap fill light for your video work, check out YouTube member DTapeProductions DIY light panel using stick-on 12V LED light strips. It’s not going to be daylight temperature or color corrected, but it’ll throw some accent light where you’ll need it for cheap. In the video they say you’ll have to solder the strips together, but if you’d like to save some time, you’ll find that there are plenty of solderless connectors available online. [via cheesycam]

12 thoughts on “Dimmable LED Light Panel

  1. LEDs still don’t have the CRI to do video or photographic work. May as well use a $50 P&S in video mode if you’re going to do this.

  2. Just a few problems. When you up the number of LEDs to1200 thats roughly about 10 times the draw. Your battery may need some upgrading. Also it seem that you are dimming the LEDs by voltage instead of PWM, which to me says that there shouldn’t be any flicker but have you tested it? Any idea of the color temp these current LEDs are producing? Have you thought of making a RGB version of this so you can control color temp?

  3. I’ll second the question about controlling the color temp. I am looking for an example with a dimmer to adjust brightness and another dial for color temperature.

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