PCB Sprayer Machine Helps You Etch Your Own

MIT student Christian Reed built this PCB Sprayer top etch his own boards:

Plenty of people have published and built CNC machines. Even some 3D printers have started to pop up. Countless tools and devices for creating projects have been published on Instructables and across the internet. All of these devices use circuit boards and most can be created using a PCB. However, gone are the days where one needs a messy tray and needs to spend almost a half hour making them. The PCB Sprayer produces them in less than 2 minutes, can produce multiple PCBs at a time, continuously produce them, and then clean them afterwards. It is like a little factory in your workshop. This machine is a great addition to any maker’s shop and is an absolute blast to build. You can produce PCBs on demand with ease and not have to spend thousands on an industrial machine. Where else can you improve your wood, plastic, electrical, plumbing and sketching skills?

[thanks, John!]


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