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A Camera Large Enough to Live In

If you’ve traveled the epic American landscape, you’ll agree there’s something special about the exploration of folk photography. Dennis Manarchy seeks to capture these Vanishing Cultures before they disappear, using his handmade 35′ long, 12′ tall, and 8′ wide camera, whose bellows and body resemble an old view camera. Built on a frame of welded aluminum, the camera is made of “veneers of recycled wood, leatherette, and detailed with brass fittings.” The lens mount is also a trap door to the camera’s interior, which is notably bigger than my NYC apartment! Each picture produces a 4.5′ x 6′ negative whose contact prints alone produce remarkable detail. The plan is to print the images two stories tall!

I can totally imagine this trailer making a pit-stop on the Playa during Burning Man!
The dark room trays needed to process the camera's negatives.

[via Slate & Daily Mail]


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