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Clamp Lamps for the Workshop

Ben Light made these simple and elegant “Clamp Lamps” for his workshop. The wooden bases attach easily to the end of a bench or table with a simple C clamp, and have gooseneck attachments upon the ends of which one can attach all manner of objects, such as a lamp or magnifying glass. These could be great accessories for your Helping Hands or Panavise, but also have a nice clean look on their own.

18 thoughts on “Clamp Lamps for the Workshop

    1. I hate the spring loaded arm mounts like you linked to, but the gooseneck looks interesting. Will have to see if flexible electrical conduit can hold enough of a shape to make the lamps.

    1. Hey Tony,
      All of the lamp hardware (gooseneck, cord, light socket) can be found at Grand Brass (http://www.grandbrass.com). But you might be able to find the materials at your local hardware store. The flexible gooseneck has threading on each end, I just drilled a bit smaller of a hole in the wooden base and tapped it. The light socket has the correct threading to attach to the gooseneck.
      The lens was a custom job and kind of depends on what you have available.
      Good Luck

  1. Easiest (and cheapest!) way to get the hardware is a defunct clip lamp from the local Goodwill store. The clamp is already attached. Just pull the lamp. (This same inspiration struck me.) Any thoughts on mounting a Panavise, Jr. head instead of the magnifier? Seems light enough, and a great way to position the vise.

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