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Enhance iPhone Macro Shots with 8x Lens

The current iPhone takes a pretty decent macro shot to begin with. If you’re looking to go beyond what you get out-of-box, take a look at the 8x macro lens from Westchester, IL area Etsy user Chris Ferguson. It’s a machined hunk of ABS with quality optics that adheres to the iPhone 4’s case with a sticky gel pad that’s easily removed without marring the finish.

12 thoughts on “Enhance iPhone Macro Shots with 8x Lens

  1. Hello Mr Flaherty, this is Chris Ferguson. Thanks for the write up!

    Jamesbx, you are correct that a jewelers loupe can do a similar thing. The glass in this lens is similar to the glass in premium loupes. Its color and distortion corrected from edge to edge. I optimized a nice lens, and provided a convenient way to use it.

    1. Mr. Ferguson, I really dig the method you used to attach the lens to the case. Thanks for clarifying the particulars. Your example images are far superior to what I’ve seen from other smartphone macro attachements.

      1. Thanks for the compliment. I tried to engineer a mechanical version of this for 6 months straight before I found this method. I also designed a simple handle, and am working on a tripod mount that use the same materials. As I mentioned before I would be happy to send some samples if you want to do a more in depth review.

        1. As much as I’d love to review your product, the unfortunate reality is that the iPhone I’d demo it with has been modified to the point where I could not do a serious product review. Thank you for the offer, though.

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