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DIY Piñata

Spring is definitely in the air here at Make/Craft headquarters, in northern California. It’s time to start thinking about outdoor parties again. And if you’re going to have an al fresco soiree, you might be wanting a piñata! Sure, you could visit the local corner store and buy a donkey or a star, but if you want a personalized piñata, make your own using this tutorial over on Giddy Giddy.
Later: Once you’ve pummeled the vessel until it releases its candy treasures, you can transform the leftover piñata bits into a fun monster bag. Save it until Halloween for an adorable candy-collecting receptacle.

2 thoughts on “DIY Piñata

  1. Jardley says:

    I got so nostalgic seeing Elmer’s glue. I highly highly doubt that these could last until October just cause they may fade overtime and get beat uo from use.

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