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Wearable Electronics in The New York Times

Some nice weekend coverage for our kissing cousins over at Adafruit, who are banking hard on the future of DIY wearable electronics with their new FLORA wearable Arduino-compatible microcontroller. The article, which published online Saturday and in print Sunday, includes a tasty quote from a familiar face:

Becky Stern, who leads the company’s wearable electronics group, will develop projects and kits based on it for crafters. “Pop stars have costumes made by ateliers at huge cost,” Ms. Stern says, adding that her company’s products would “let you make these electronic wearables at home for a fraction of that.”

Though I can’t wait to see what Becky comes up with, I’m still a bit on the fence about wearables. Tons of cool stuff happening in that space, for sure, but I haven’t seen anything that would count, for me, as a “killer app” yet. Or did I miss it? Let me know, below.

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