Map of African Tech Hubs and Hackerspaces
ActivSpaces in Cameroon, an "open collaboration space, innovation hub, and startup incubator."

Crowdmap was originally designed as a platform to crowd-source “crisis information,” such as civilian deaths in recent African and Middle Eastern uprisings. BongoHive, a non-profit company based in Lusaka, Zambia, has extended the capability of Crowdmap and have started sourcing location and information on technology hubs, university labs, business incubators, and hackerspaces throughout the African continent. They’re placing these on this map. Begun earlier this month, over 30 sites have already been added to their database, including the Cairo Hackerspace (Egypt), Hive Colab (Uganda), and ActivSpaces (Cameroon, pictured above). A little shy of their target goal of 50 for the month, I look forward to seeing this list and map grow, to include all sectors of inclusive technology in Africa!

click the map to interact with Crowd Map's Hubs in Africa

[via Vice Motherboard]

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    1. Just because it’s not on the map, doesn’t mean it’s not there in real life – they’re averaging 2-3 sites per day since they began earlier this month, so check back soon!

    1. Thanks Jonathan – great site and use of Ushahidi software. So sad we need crisis tracking, alas, I’m glad it’s available to all.

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