Using contact mics that detect hand gestures through the aid of software, the Mogee is an electronic musical instrument that can be appended to virtually any rigid object.

From creator Bruno Zamborlin’s site:

The different gestures can then be associated with different sounds. Then when the user wants to perform, the Mogees software will recognise which of these types of touch is closest to the one that the user is doing and then enable the corresponding sound engine or synthesiser. The tone of the synthesised sound is influenced by the actual sound picked up on the microphone. So you could use the same gesture — for example a tap — in different places on the surface and it would create the sound in a different key.

The software Mogees use build libraries of gestures through repeated use of the mics. When the mic is hooked in, the software’s best guesses at gestures are linked to predetermined libraries of sound.

[via Laughing Squid]