MAKE Volume 20 Projects

When we first launched Make: Projects, our DIY library, a year and a half ago, one of our goals was to free up projects from past issues of MAKE, for the community to collaborate on. With 29 volumes of MAKE, we had some work to do, chipping away at entering projects in the system. We have over 450 projects from previous issues on Make: Projects for you to freely peruse, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. We’ve created pages for each of the past 10 volumes, giving you yet another way to browse. Some volumes have a lot of projects shared (like Volume 20, screen grab pictured above), and others will soon. Check out the pages for Volumes 19 through 29, linked below, and look for older issue pages coming soon. Enjoy!

MAKE Volume 29: DIY Superhuman
MAKE Volume 28: Toys and Games
MAKE Volume 27: Robots
MAKE Volume 26: Karts and Wheels
MAKE Volume 25: Microcontrollers and Arduino
MAKE Volume 24: DIY Space
MAKE Volume 23: Gadgets
MAKE Volume 22: Remote Control/Wireless
MAKE Volume 21: Desktop Manufacturing
MAKE Volume 20:For Kids of All Ages
MAKE Volume 19: Robots