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Processing for Android and Arduino Tutorial and Samples from Tellart

Matt Cottam wrote in to let us know about a huge development. Now you can use Android Open Accessory boards like the Arduino Mega ADK without needing to develop directly in the Android SDK: you can write your Android code using Processing for Android:

This week we’re happy to update that list of toolkits with a suite of materials focused on connecting any Android device (mobile or tablet) with the Arduino ADK microcontroller, with the Processing language to tie them together. The materials – a combination of “how-to” installation guides, working Arduino and Processing sample code, and educational exercises – walk through the set-up process and provide some basic starters for making a functional application or game. The 25 samples include modules such as the code you need to create a “color picker” on the Android and have it drive the color of an LED attached to the Arduino, or to send an RFID number from a scanner to the phone, or to create a basic oscilloscope by graphing the output of a potentiometer on the Android screen. It’s tailored to get beginners going, or to give more experienced coders a quick leg up in using the three (Android, Processing, and Arduino) together.

All of the materials are open source and available here.

We’re glad to continue our mobile hacking / sketchtools tradition, and feedback is welcome (we’re always looking to improve). We look forward to hearing and seeing what you do with the materials.

Tellart: Android + Processing + Arduino

18 thoughts on “Processing for Android and Arduino Tutorial and Samples from Tellart

  1. Not anymore. This requires using Processing 2.0a4, and the Processing folks seem to have stopped hosting in on their Google Code repo. One step back. *sigh*

  2. The examples files in the linked reference material are empty. The folders exist, but only a sample jpeg resides within… Does anyone know of an actual example of connecting Arduino ADK / Android / and Processing? I’m just not having much luck finding it so far…

  3. so amazed by their capabilities
    I m wondering if can anybody help me with my project:I ll try to receive a sensor’s measurements to a mobile I suppose the tough thing is the connection between server-mobile phone (the other connection will be arduino server)does anybody have any idea about it?it would be very helpful

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