How-To: Extract Your DNA

How-To: Extract Your DNA

It’s news to me that it’s possible to extract the DNA from your own cells with just a few household products such as bottled water, dish soap, food coloring, table salt, and isopropyl alcohol. You can learn how to see your own DNA in this fun video from WGBH’s NOVA. It’s promoting their upcoming episode called Cracking Your Genetic Code. [via The Next Web, Thanks Roopa!]


4 thoughts on “How-To: Extract Your DNA

  1. Cambenora says:

    I guess, once you’ve done that you can patent it… before someone else does. ;-)

  2. Balloondoggle says:

    This is something that my kids’ elementary school does at the annual Science Night. The only real problem with the project is that many of the kids haven’t learned yet what DNA is and there is nothing to do with it once you have it extracted.

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