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Organizing Ribbons With Empty Tic Tac Containers

I have to admit, I keep boxes of Tic Tacs and Altoids stashed everywhere – my car, my desk drawer and my purse. When they are empty, I have a hard time tossing them (even if it’s in to the recycling bin) and feel like there has to be some better way to reuse them. The Altoid tins can always be used for sweet little watercolor paint pallettes, and now I see a fun way to use the Tic Tac containers as well. Helena from Craft and Creativity was inspired by a tutorial on Instructables and created this nice set up for ribbon storage and dispensing that she shares on Prudent Baby. I also love her tips for storing other trims on empty thread spools!

5 thoughts on “Organizing Ribbons With Empty Tic Tac Containers

  1. I never would have thought of that. Its very convenient. I have
    ribbon just laying around everywhere from little projects I’ve

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