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DIY 3D Geometric Sculpture

In this video I use my love of modern a design to show you how to take card stock paper, Elmer’s glue products, and the templates I created to make a modern three-dimensional geometric wall sculpture.
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The coolest thing about this project is that every single sculpture will be unique. You can customize your design to be the shape and color you want. You can find other shaped templates on-line, and alter the color by printing them out on colored card stock, leaving your shapes white, or using my method to make every side of every triangle different.
You can download the templates at their original sizes in the following links, and print them out on card stock paper. You will need 4 in total, including your color piece templates, the large triangle, medium triangle, and small triangles. Be sure to print out the links on each name, as opposed to the image below, as that image will be way too small.
Triangle-CRAFT blog sizejpg

22 thoughts on “DIY 3D Geometric Sculpture

  1. Hi, exactly where did you get this info can you please support this with some proof or you might say some very good reference as I and others will actually enjoy. This details is actually great and I will say will usually be helpful if we attempt it possibility free. So if you can back it up. That may really support us all. And this may well bring some good repute for you.

  2. I love this idea. I plan to make my own, but switch out the colored paper for aged newspaper. I love the concept of mixing this very modern technique with an old world charm.

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