Badgermin = A Stuffed Badger Slash Theremin

What a great start to the year – this brand new instrument was finished just in time for a New Year’s Eve party in the beautiful Dorset countryside. A selection of talented musicians, none of whom had played a Badgermin before, treated us to a debut performance in the early hours of January 1st, with grand piano accompaniment.

The electronics are from a PAiA Theremax kit, with new 8mm diameter removable antennae.

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24 thoughts on “Badgermin = A Stuffed Badger Slash Theremin

  1. This is so wrong on so many levels I cannot begin to explain.

    Except to say that Badgers being a protected native species in the UK, you are not allowed to interfere with them, or as I suspect the person has; cause interference with them.

  2. Yeah, this is pretty disgusting. Substitute a stuffed cat or dog for the badger and I think anyone will understand.

  3. It’s highly unlikely that these folks were the cause of the badger’s undoing. As it stands, the act of sticking a theremin into a badger is quite ridiculous, however.

    But seriously, it’s really not necessary to say AH GAD THE ANIMALS every time a stuffed thing shows up (sure, needlessly killing animals is bad, but most people probably understand that). The badger would be in a stuffed state regardless of what these people do; the fact that it is not now also has a theremin in it is what they might be blamed for. And seriously: badger with a theremin in it. I mean, even if it’s ridiculous, it’s also kind of awesome. In a “haha what the hell is going on here” kind of non sequitur filled way.

    If you’re still not getting that, I recommend that you go watch some Monty Python.

  4. I’m planning a TB-303 version based on the X0XB0X, the full title will be Transistor Badger 303. The TB could also be a reference to Tuberculosis (Bovine) although that is a little harse on our Badger friends.

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