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How-To: Crocheted LEGO Blanket

This crocheted LEGO blanket from Andrea at All Things Bright and Beautiful is definitely the coolest design that I’ve ever seen from a bobble stitch. Wrapping up in a blanket of LEGO goodness=total geeky dream come true!
Fair warning to my nerdy pals: If you have babies, your kids are totally getting one of these.

18 thoughts on “How-To: Crocheted LEGO Blanket

  1. I freaking love this blanket!!!! Where can I get the pattern to make it? Can someone send it to me PLEASE!!!! I wanna make it for my 13 month old son…. Thanks

  2. Hi, Andrea. It looks like the pattern is no longer available for free, but if you click through the link in the post, you can find information for purchasing the pattern from the designer. -Haley at CRAFT

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