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Amanda McCavour’s Thread Drawings


Amanda McCavour creates incredible images with thread. She describes how she does it on her website:

In my work, I use a sewing machine to create thread drawings and installations by sewing into a fabric that dissolves in water. This fabric makes it possible for me to build up the thread by sewing repeatedly into my drawn images so that when the fabric is dissolved, the image can hold together without a base. These thread images appear as though they would be easily unraveled and seemingly on the verge of falling apart, despite the works actual raveled strength.

The images above are from an installation called “Living Room,” in which McCavour made life-sized drawings of all the stuff she once had in her living room.
via [bookspaperscissors]

16 thoughts on “Amanda McCavour’s Thread Drawings

  1. This art is amazing, awesome and mind blowing. I was wonderstruck when i read your comments that the fabric dissolves in water. Great !
    This art work is also superb..first of a kind that i got to see it.. good work..

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