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How-To: Carve Bone

You know that old joke about carving an elephant? About how you just cut away everything that isn’t an elephant? It endures, I think, because it’s basically true.

To an extent, then, these bone-carving instructional videos from lifetime fisherman, professional fishing guide, surfer, and renowned craftsman Louie the Fish don’t contain too many surprises. From a practical perspective, probably the most useful tip comes right at the beginning: If you’re looking for a source of cheap, clean bone to carve, try PetCo. They sell pristine cattle leg bones for dogs to chew on, and these also make great material for carving.

Louie’s videos are, nonetheless, tremendously enjoyable because Louie himself is so charming, and so good with his tools. In the first, he teaches basic methods and techniques for carving by making a traditional-style Hawaiian bone hook (although not, clearly, using traditional methods). In the second, he shows how to use the same basic processes to make a more complex animal form. Both are recommended.

Louie the Fish


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