How-To: Excavating Dinosaurs-in-Ice Activity For Kids

When you have kids, being able to find fun and inexpensive ways to entertain them becomes a task that occupies much of your time. For those of us who live in hotter climates, summer ups the ante by making outdoor activities in the sweltering heat downright miserable. Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club came up with a brilliant and cheap way to keep her toddler entertained in the heat. She created a cool (pun intended) activity that involves excavating dinosaur toys from a block of ice.

Tallulah soon discovered that water was the best tool of all for freeing her dinosaurs from their icy prison. We had chats about paleontology, melting ice, cold vs. hot – many a good lesson can be learned with this activity.

File this away for one of those perfect things to do when the kids are hot and bored this summer!