Reader Poll: RSS or On-Site?

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Hey folks!  No matter where you’re reading this, whether it’s in your RSS reader or in your browser at, we’d really appreciate the few seconds required to let us know.  (RSS-only readers, you may have to click through, just this once, to get to the poll itself!  Sorry!) Your feedback will help us understand how to structure our content to best serve everybody.  Thanks for your time, in advance, and thanks, as always, for reading.

Reader Poll: RSS or On-Site?

44 thoughts on “Reader Poll: RSS or On-Site?

  1. What if we always find posts via RSS feed, but always open and read them at the site if the headline in the RSS feed looks interesting?

    I just want to make it perfectly clear that if any site suspends their RSS feed I never remember to visit them again.

    1. Don’t worry, the RSS feed is not going to be suspended! If any change results to the feed at all, it will be more and better content in it, not less or worse. Thanks!

    2. That’s how I get the info, but clicked the first option by mistake. I see the headlines on the RSS feeds, and click through to the ones that look interesting. I admit, some of the ones that didn’t have the most interesting title, I’ve gone back and clicked through and still found them very interesting.

    3. I also went with other to express that usage: I *always* read in my reader, but I *often* open link in new tab on the ones I want to see closely.

      Also, I hope there’s not a “more…” debate going on. I don’t subscribe to blogs that don’t feed whole articles. So let’s not go there.

  2. It’s funny, I got an e-mail notification of this but it’s not showing up in the RSS feed. Maybe it’s always this way and the RSS feed just lags a lot. Asking about it may have just made me more aware.

  3. For a lot of sites, when I see something interesting on RSS, I go to the site to see more or the full story.

    I find this frustrating with both and, as both the RSS feed and the site have teasers, linking to stuff off the site. When I click on the link in the RSS feed to see more, there’s nothing more to see.

  4. Likewise didn’t see a poll at all. And also I’m using primarily RSS and occasionally browser for more interesting stuff.

  5. I read via RSS feed, and click through to the site if I see something interesting.

    I don’t see a poll here on the site, though: is this because you’re doing it with some external tracking site blocked by Ghostery? I don’t mind giving you my opinions and browsing habits, but I don’t want them automatically shared with a whole bunch of advertisers.

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