ShapeOko, the 0 CNC Kit

ShapeOko, an open-source, Kickstarter-funded CNC, packs an 8″x8″ bed with a 3.5″ Z-axis. The $175 kit, which is currently sold out, consists of hardware only. You can buy an electronics kit for about $135, making for a very inexpensive CNC! [via Ponoko]

10 thoughts on “ShapeOko, the $300 CNC Kit

  1. Cool. Hopefully they’ll add a model with a larger working bed. Great for beginners to have a “kit” though. Takes a lot of the guess work out. Sold out, but I’ll be looking forward to the next batch.

    1. Thanks to the use of “standard” MakerSlide, it’s very easy to extend the size of the working bed in the Y direction (a couple of custom parts needed to extend X, but it has been done —

      Check out the wiki and blog for more info, or join the Google Group (

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