Microwave Oven Hacking 101 (and 102 and 103)

An anonymous tipster sent in these great videos: how to hack microwave oven transformers. The first video shows the complete disassembly of an oven using only a screwdriver, pliers, and hammer. Part two delves into the science of how the transformer works, while the third part shows how to wind your own. Parts two and three after the break.

8 thoughts on “Microwave Oven Hacking 101 (and 102 and 103)

  1. I have no need for a transformer, but man was this ever a through and good tutorial!
    Obviously took a lot of time and work!
    Pete, an old EE

    1. % chance that author is a Maker? Hmmm…. about 100.

      Thanks for the kind words Paul. That’s the best kind of compliment. “I don’t even have any use for this or any interest in doing this, but I watched it anyways and it was great!” :)

      They did take a long time. About 100 hours each. All the graphics had to be mspainted manually and I didn’t really know what I was doing. First time I’ve made videos or recorded audio for anything. Hopefully all the future project videos go quicker.

  2. What a coincidence, I scavenged a discarded microwave from the local recycling station just yesterday. Looks like my afternoon is taken care of.

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