A birdcage veil is classic, flirty, and pretty. It frames your face, without hiding you beneath a formal veil, perfect for a coy bride. Veils tend to be quite expensive, yet this DIY version costs only as much as the lace that you choose. It is easy to make, perfect for a handmade bride, or for any other party where you are looking for that little extra flair.

Lace, 4″ wide, 16″ long
Needle and thread
Bobby pins
Step 1: Cut a piece of lace 16″ long.
Step 2: Thread the needle with a yard of thread. The trick here is to tie a very large knot at the end of the thread. If the knot isn’t bulky enough, it will pass right through the lace while you sew.
Step 3: Fold 1/4″ of the lace in on the end, and pierce it with the needle.
Step 4: Make tiny stitches by gathering the lace along the needle. I pierced the lace every 1/8″. Sew these tiny stitches along the entire length of lace. When you reach the end, fold the edge of the lace as you did when you began.
Step 6: It is up to you to determine how gathered you want the veil. The gathered edge of my veil is 3 inches long.
Step 7: Using the ends of the thread, sew the bobby pins to the veil. The pins will go unnoticed in your hair, and the veil will frame your face perfectly!