Peep Goldberg Machine

Members of my hackerspace built a Peep-themed Rube Goldberg machine:

Recently a group of folks got together at the Hack Factory, a local hacker space in Minneapolis to create a Rube Goldberg Peep diorama for the local news paper contest. It took many days to built and prep, and about 5.5 hours before we got one complete run done. It was a lot of fun, and I would encourage others to do the same!

(For some reason we’ve been hoarding several cases of peeps in our walk-in safe. Glad they were used for something cool!)

See the Flickr photoset for more deets.

14 thoughts on “Peep Goldberg Machine

  1. Did someone screw up the Roman Numeral Date in the opening sequence? or is the pattern significant?
    MXLMVIII is not valid. If you were trying for 1968 … MXMLXVIII
    M 1000,
    XL 40
    M 1000
    VIII 8
    1000 +8 -40 +1000

      1. CRAP .. and now missing the last i on the 8!

        did I fudge it THAT time? :( need coffee! :( next thing I’ll go look and see that I need to roast more beans… that’d be my luck!

      2. Wow – The detail. The roman numeral is ripped off of an actual WB opening frame. I didn’t have time to do the math to the right year.

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