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Cast Cement CNC Chassis

Those of you who click through to read more about this very cool project from grad student Kenny Cheung of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms may be a bit disappointed: The page is not really complete yet and a bunch of the resources, including the physibles, are still “coming soon!” But it’s such a cool idea,  I didn’t want to wait. Looks like the molds are laser cut and, I would expect, reusable. [Thanks, thatcherc!]

Machines That Make | Cast Cement CNC Chassis

Pat Delany’s Designs for Low-Cost DIY Machine Tools

16 thoughts on “Cast Cement CNC Chassis

  1. There are some REALLY high precision (and expensive) machines built using a derivative of this method called epoxy granite. There is a huge discussion thread about the best aggregate mix/resin and designs at cnczone.com They’ve even developed equations to calculate the sizes and quantities of aggregate for close packing the granules for optimum aggregate/resin ratios. Some of the stuff going on in there is rocket science compared to many cnc sites.

  2. Check out “The-Multimachine-150-12-Inch-Swing-Metal-Lathe-Mill-Drill” in projects. A re-discovered World War One concrete tool technique that could be great for full size machine tools

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