Glowie Easter Eggs

YouTube user DIYHacksandHowTos shows a s00p3r s1mpl3 way to make glowing Easter eggs for night-time hunts — just enclose an LED throwie (without any magnet) along with the candies in a plastic egg. Hopefully it will glow as bright as is shown in the video. As the father of two young children for whom consistent bedtimes are maintained, I don’t think a night-time glowing Easter Egg hunt would work for us, but I can imagine one for grownups offering a variety of treats.

2 thoughts on “Glowie Easter Eggs

  1. Did a variant of this the night before Easter (and avoided the Easter morning rain in No. CA):
    created the glowie and then duct taped them to the outside of plastic eggs and bags of candy and then hid them over a couple of acres (in trees, in grass, in gopher holes). I couldn’t find any translucent plastic eggs that would let the LEDs shine through. Once the glowies were all found they were re-taped to frisbees and arrows. Night time target shooting with glowing arrows is pretty fun (but extra precautions are needed to keep dogs and kids out of the field of fire).

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