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How-To: Pom Poms in Bulk


We’ve featured many tutorials for various ways of making fluffy pom poms here on CRAFT, but I really like this video from Jenine Bressner on how to make pom poms in bulk. Once you see how you can make a whole mess of pom poms at once, you won’t want to make them one at a time any more. The technique is clever and fun, and her video has a Benny Hill reference so it’s full of win.

10 thoughts on “How-To: Pom Poms in Bulk

  1. Wow! Great video. Looks like fun. Love the necklace by the way! Are you going to do more how-to videos? You should – you’re fun to watch!

  2. I need to make pom poms for knitted hats for children. How many times do I wrap the yarn around the nails and how space the linen threads? Would 31/2 inch spacing be enough? The hats are for a church charity in Florida.
    I do thank you for the video and the clever way of making pom poms. I was going to make them individually and this would be a marvelous way to do them and save time.

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