Random Words From the Dictionary, Cross-Stitched

Lauren Steeper (Sheffield, UK) has a cross-stitch game, Lottery Words, and I want to play! It is just the sort of highly ordered and yet completely unnecessary ritual that I love. And it combines crafting and words? So awesome!
To start, she cut every word out of the dictionary and threw them in a jar. That’s right. Every word.
Each week, she:

  • Picks 49 words out of the jar at random
  • Uses the numbers drawn by the National Lottery to select 6 of the 49 words
  • Determines color and font based on the bonus ball
  • Cross-stitches the words as her system dictates


4 thoughts on “Random Words From the Dictionary, Cross-Stitched

  1. Maybe you could go to the Thesaurus and find words that you like or connected the mood your trying to create.
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