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Recipe: Banana Bread Crepe Cake With Butterscotch

The result of this recipe from Smitten Kitchen is visually stunning and drool-activating.

This is perfect for a decadent brunch meal or party. I think of it as a replacement for french toast, coffee cake or buttery pastries. And although it sounds completely over-the-top, I made a great effort to keep it at least a little breakfasty: the crepes are barely sweetened, the filling remains tangy and only moderately sweet and the butterscotch is as small of a yield as needed to just cover the top. And it (pardon the pun) totally takes the cake.

This is one of those recipes that just gets better as you go: banana crepes (yum!), cream cheese yogurt filling (tasty!), walnut butterscotch topping (get in my belly NOW!). See how it all comes together over on Smitten Kitchen.