Tomorrow, Saturday, April 21 from 10am-2pm, we will enjoy the final Open MAKE at the Exploratorium before Maker Faire. In fact, it’ll be our last Open MAKE at the original site of the Exploratorium before the museum moves to the piers. (Sniff!) So you have many reasons to “dump” everything else you are doing and put yourself at our “disposal” for a day that would make even Oscar the Grouch smile.

That’s right, this fourth of four “T” themed Open MAKEs will be on the tremendous topic of TRASH. It’ll be a Saturday full of activities in which you can Re-mix/Re-assemble/Re-create/Re-MAKE. The Tinkering Studio has put together another inspiring collection of makers.

Headlining the event is  viral video star Caine Monroy, creator of Caine’s Arcade, and filmmaker Nirvan. Caine will display his cardboard arcade in the Tinkering Studio and you can meet him! He and Nirvan will also be there for the film screening of Caine’s Arcade at 3pm.

Here are a few glimpses at what else is in store:

You can read more about who is coming here

How could you “refuse” such a day? Any other activity would “pail” in comparison.