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How-To: Simple Ribbon Rack

Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are the very best, and the minimal time and effort needed to create them means your time is freed up for other projects. Tonya of Create-Celebrate-Explore shares how she constructed a simple and inexpensive rack for storing her rolls of ribbon. I also appreciate her tip about reusing empty ribbon spools for thrifted or scrap ribbon!

5 thoughts on “How-To: Simple Ribbon Rack

  1. Does any one have a knitted pattern for a checker board that could be made into a a big pillow.? My grandson wants to play checkers on the floor and I thought it would be fun to make it into a pillow. Thanks

  2. What if we can put it in a box with transparent cover or display to see the ribbons? I think it will help in maintain the condition of ribbon as well by keeping it free from sun light and dirt.

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