Earlier this month, the first Maker Faire in China took place in Shenzhen, a special economic zone noted for its electronics production facilities and factories. Over 60 local and foreign makers traveled to Shenzhen, including Mitch Altman from San Francisco, Gen Ito from Japan, makers from Beijing, as well as participants from Shenzhen’s own hackerspace Chaihuo. Projects included robots, egg-bots, 3D POV displays, and even toys upcycled from piano parts, alongside tables teaching about modeling clay and the always popular learn to solder workshop. Thanks to Eric Pan from Seeed Technology for helping organize the event, and Ian from Dangerous Prototypes for the pictures. Many more pictures, and interviews with makers can be found here.

A three-dimensional persistence of vision device.

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Seeed Studio’s experts put on a learn to solder workshop.


Qin Shiyun


An Android phone provides the brains for this mini-walker.


The modeling clay table was a huge hit with kids.


ChaiHuo, Shenzhen’s hackerspace, shows off their Egg-Bot build at Maker Faire.


Summer Li


Images courtesy of Dangerous Prototypes – see more at their Maker Faire Shenzhen China roundup