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Ogre “Designer’s Edition” Funded 2000% and Rising

Dunno how many retro wargaming enthusiasts we have in our audience.  I know Gareth and I definitely qualify, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that many of you at least recognize the name Ogre.  If not, here’s my best off-the-cuff haiku:

Bees can kill a bear
Simple rules, a subtle game
Our future is blood

And here’s the Wikipedia entry if that was less than helpful to you.

The first original project I ever did for MAKE was a method for making wargaming counters out of Shrinky Dinks, using a set of Ogre gamepieces as an example.

In 1977, the original edition of Ogre was a young Steve Jackson’s first commercial game offering.  I was two years old. Since that time, Ogre has been through five editions, and whispers of a sixth have been percolating among the Illuminati for years.

Now it’s here.  Steve set out to fund the project on Kickstarter, seeking $20,000.  As of today, they’re about to break $440K, with a week still to go.   They keep blasting through their stretch goals, and the game they’re going to make keeps getting better and better as a result. [Thanks, MikeG!]

Ogre Designer’s Edition by Steve Jackson Games — Kickstarter

10 thoughts on “Ogre “Designer’s Edition” Funded 2000% and Rising

  1. Your Ogre shrinky dink article was my first Make bookmark and rekindled my interest in Steve Jackson’s game after many years. I’m very glad to say I’m supporting this project – at the $150 level – and in a small way you’re to blame. Thanks!

  2. I bought the original game in it’s little ‘sandwich bag’ pack. I played while in the Army in West Berlin, that’s right WEST Berlin, that’s how old I am. A great game and I’ve been a Steve Jackson fan ever since.

    1. Cool. Playing OGRE in an actual Cold War context would bring a whole new intensity to the game, I would think.

      I always liked the metaphor of the game. The giant industrial power’s metaphorical “war machine” becomes, literally, a single titanic machine of war.

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