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Ogre “Designer’s Edition” Funded 2000% and Rising

Dunno how many retro wargaming enthusiasts we have in our audience.  I know Gareth and I definitely qualify, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that many of you at least recognize the name Ogre.  If not, here’s my best off-the-cuff haiku:

Bees can kill a bear
Simple rules, a subtle game
Our future is blood

And here’s the Wikipedia entry if that was less than helpful to you.

The first original project I ever did for MAKE was a method for making wargaming counters out of Shrinky Dinks, using a set of Ogre gamepieces as an example.

In 1977, the original edition of Ogre was a young Steve Jackson’s first commercial game offering.  I was two years old. Since that time, Ogre has been through five editions, and whispers of a sixth have been percolating among the Illuminati for years.

Now it’s here.  Steve set out to fund the project on Kickstarter, seeking $20,000.  As of today, they’re about to break $440K, with a week still to go.   They keep blasting through their stretch goals, and the game they’re going to make keeps getting better and better as a result. [Thanks, MikeG!]

Ogre Designer’s Edition by Steve Jackson Games — Kickstarter


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