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Cell Phone Glove

I love this project by Milwaukee artist Bryan Cera. Called Glove One, it’s a mobile phone in glove form. The project page is fairly sparse, but Bryan says a DIY tutorial is forthcoming. [via Ponoko, which has a great interview.]

20 thoughts on “Cell Phone Glove

  1. Not sure what practical benefits this solution has compared to a regular handset…

    Do not see a point at all.

  2. Kind of a shame sign language gestures weren’t a part of the functionality. The established hand signs for the numbers and the no/ stop gesture to hang up and yes sign to start the call. The other functions could be placed on the back of the glove with the screen.
    Could become an interface device for sign language able users for other devices looking into the above ideas. Instead of having to video chat and or skype to see the gestures.

  3. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the video for this was Inspector Gadget has come to life.

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