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Resonant wireless power transfer has been around for a long time, but it never fails to impress. For instance, take this cool DIY wireless iPod charger from instructables user Inducktion. Add a gap of about ten inches between the power source and the item to be charged and suddenly it becomes interesting. Check out this instructable out if you’re interested in making your own wireless power charger.

16 thoughts on “Wireless iPod Charger

  1. ermm, the device was plugged in !

    please show a demonstration with no wires plugged into the device.

    1. hm..surrrre…. and i see lots of “wires” associated with this project… however if you watch the video i think you’ll conclude that it is not “plugged in” in the sense of plugged into the wall (or at the Brits say: “into the mains”). check out where the audio says “and it’s powered by about 11 volts”

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