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Upcycled Game Controller Wallets

Retro and functional, Melissa Sidwell makes these diplomatically named “broken controller” wallets. Whether she’s avoiding using a registered trademark or not with her nomenclature, obviously they’re Nintendo controllers, otherwise dysfunctional and headed for the trash. Not a first but definitely one of the nicer finishes around, with what appears to be a dark, soft-fabric lining (so you don’t scrape your knuckles on the interior’s hard plastic when fishing for coins!), this upcycled accessory proves that almost nothing really outlives its usefulness. Melissa writes:

I have taken old, broken controllers from a video game console and gutted them. I added a zipper and a lining and made them into wallets. I couldn’t stand to see them end up in the landfill! They are just big enough to fit ID’s, credit cards along with bills and coins.

Sadly, entering the Konami code will not dispense economic “power ups” from these wallets!

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