Tamara Clammer Leather Mask

Seattle-based artist Tamara Clammer began teaching herself leatherworking in 2004, and today she makes an array of imaginative masks and accessories. As she writes on her website:

It didn’t make sense to anyone that I would buy expensive tools and supplies, rent a space, and have no idea how to use any of it. But it felt right, and I dedicated a lot of time and effort to figuring it out. I’m still figuring it out. And I expect to always be, because the ways to create with leather are limitless. Now that I’ve discovered a series of steps that always yields great results, I’m dedicated to teaching these steps to others.

Next weekend at Maker Faire Bay Area, Tamara will be providing a hands-on, interactive workshop space to teach people to make their own small leather creations using found and common household objects.

Tamara Clammer Masks