We have exciting news for our readers: CRAFT is moving to MAKE in June! You’ll get the same awesome CRAFT content from your favorite crafty bloggers, all under the umbrella of our sibling O’Reilly Media publication, MAKE. Our teams already work closely together to bring you the best of the maker movement. By moving CRAFT over to the MAKE web site, we’ll be able to offer you the same crafty content you love in a more streamlined, efficient way, and all our forms of making will be under one roof. You’ll get the same types of posts each day, from the same team members you know and love. All our feeds will automatically transfer, so you won’t have to update your RSS reader or other methods of reading the new CRAFT feed on MAKE. The transition will be as seamless as possible.
Here’s Gareth Branwyn, Editorial Director for MAKE, on the move:

We had a lot of fun making this goofy video. As it declares, coming in June, CRAFT, our popular go-to site for the crafting community, will be moving over to We’ve always felt as though crafting was just another type of making. As we’ve moved our content management deeper into WordPress, it makes sense for us to move our craft content over to the domain and to treat it as one of the key content areas that we plan on building out as we move forward. So, coming next month, that’s what we’ll be doing. CRAFT on MAKE.

We’ll also be joining forces at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend. The CRAFT and MAKE areas have merged into one amazing space, ready to spark all of your making curiosity, from stitching to soldering. Be sure to check back this week for updates on our exciting CRAFT programming for the Faire.
Our full transition to will happen in June. We’ll keep you posted here on the CRAFT blog and through our various social media channels so you don’t miss a thing. We look forward to working as part of the greater MAKE team and continuing to share the best DIY inspiration for makers of all kinds