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Mike's ORD-ish Bot

Mike's ORD-ish Bot

Mike Hatalski will be exhibiting his “ORD-ish Bot” 3D Printer at the Maker Faire this weekend. Mike describes how he got into printer building:

I was about to start ordering the parts for a MendelMax build when I saw a posting by Bard Dring about a prototype printer he built using MakerSlide. I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on some MakerSlide and build my own ORD Bot. Technically it’s an ORD-ish bot because I sourced/machined the parts/kit myself. Bart later sold an ORD bot kit through his Makerslide store, and now through Inventables.

Collect them all!

24 thoughts on “3D Printer Trading Cards (From the Future!): Mike’s ORD-ish Printer

  1. i’ve skimmed this particular thread for a bit now, and i still can’t figure out if these “cards” are ever going to be sold as a physical deck… which would be nice. could it be stated whether that’s the ultimate goal for those of us that were foolish to have missed the notification the first time?

    1. This was just Shawn’s wonderfully creative way of posting about his content “beat” (3D printing) in the lead up to the Faire. We have no plans to release them as actual cards at this time. But we do really like them, so who knows…?

      1. Thank you for taking the time to clarify this issue! (done with a little care and i think you could make a profit on a small run of these)

    1. Hi Bart:
      You may be right; for some reason the ping email just showed up in my inbox. Nice job on the card! I was doing these as an intro to Maker Faire, but will definitely include this in the next batch!

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