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DeLorean Hovercraft

What do you get when you cross a hoverboard and a DeLorean? A Delorean hovercraft, of course! San Francisco grad student Matthew Riese has built just that. With the help of money he raised during a Kickstarter campaign in 2010, he was able to buy the materials needed to build it, including epoxy resin, latex mold-builder, a MIG welder, and fiberglass.

The finished hovercraft can travel on any flat surface, including water. However, it does not reach 88mph, so Matthew did not have to involve himself in any illegal parking lot dealings to obtain plutonium for the flux capacitor. (The DeLorean hovercraft’s top speed is around 45mph.)

Great Scott! If you’re going to be at Maker Faire this weekend, you can check out Matthew Riese and his DeLorean hovercraft in person! Use the Maker Faire app to plan your time at Maker Faire wisely (For iOS and Android).


DeLorean Hovercraft Touches Down at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012

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  1. Jesse james did this on his show monster garage. He nixed the project because his builders kept wanting to simply throw a delorean body on top of an existing working hovercraft (which looked clunky, and wasn’t building it from scratch). Looks like he’s actually building a hovercraft around the chassis. I only hope he used spare body parts as apposed to gutting an existing vehicle, there’s only so many of these left.

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