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3D Printer census

3D Printer census

While walking around the Maker Faire grounds this morning I took a quick census all of the 3D printers. All told I saw 55 3D printers on the fairgrounds, 23 of which were unique designs. That’s not including the CNC machines or the stock of three dozen or so Replicator, Up! printers, and Printrbots for sale in the Maker Shed. I’m impressed!

42 thoughts on “Maker Faire 3D Printer Census

  1. Shawn, I can hardly wait to see these all appear in the next run of 3D Printer Trading Cards… got it, got it, need it, got it… The gum tastes awful, though.

    Were you able to get information on the makers for each printer? I think a 3D printer directory with a list of printers and makers/manufacturers is an AWESOME idea.

    1. I agree, and we’ll be doing a big Consumer Reports-style roundup and comparison Real Soon Now. Actually, it will be rather soon :)

  2. I have a 3D printer directory going at the Open Source Tech Revolution blog:


    It’s a work in progress, and I’ve been focusing more effort on open source 3D printers than the commercial grade/commercial price variety…but I am capturing the relevant features of printers as I add them, like cost, open source/DIY/kit/fully assembled. I list the prototypes that are not (yet?) for sale separately.

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