Announcing the 2nd Annual MAKE Magazine Industry Maker Awards (aka The Makeys)

Last year’s beautiful Makey Awards, designed by MakerBot artist-in-residence Jonathan Monaghan

We are thrilled to announce the 2nd Annual MAKE Magazine Industry Maker Awards (aka the “Makeys”)

Over the next 16 weeks, leading up to swanky award ceremonies at Maker Faire New York 2012 (Sept 28, 29), we’ll be profiling, here on MAKE, 12 companies that have shown outstanding support for independent maker/hacker culture over the past year. Four companies/products will be nominated in four categories, and a public poll will determine one winner in each category.

In 2011, we gave 3D-printed Makey statues to the follow recipients:

Microsoft Kinect – Most Hackable Gadget
PanaVise – Most Repair Friendly
Parallax, Inc. – Best Education/Outreach program
Lego – Best Product Documentation

As part of the program, a “Maker Hero” award will also be presented to an individual in the DIY/DIWO community who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of maker-related education and/or open access to technology. The first award was presented last year to Mitch Altman, for his tireless work in building collaborative “hackerspaces” around the world and in teaching people the joys of hobby electronics and collaborative technologies.

The Makeys are being announced today at Maker Faire Bay Area. As this movement grows, mainstream companies are starting to take makers more seriously as a market segment. MAKE hopes that profiling and celebrating companies that are “getting it,” and giving four of them awards of appreciation, will help fuel their adoption of more open, accessible, user-friendly, and modifiable products.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the first 2012 Makey nominee, Monday, May 28, here on And you can nominate companies and track The Makeys process leading up to Maker Faire New York on The Makeys landing page. Feel free to also nominate companies and worthy maker heroes in the comments below.

After winning last year’s Most Repair Friendly category, for their indispensable electronics vises/circuit board holders, PanaVise added a Makeys “seal of approval” to their product boxes. SO cool!

Last year’s Makey award was designed by MakerBot artist-in-residence Jonathan Monaghan. We want to render the award in a different maker-friendly medium every year. We already have a good idea of what we’d like to do, but we’d love to take suggestions, too. What form would you like to see a Makey take?


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