Cool Clothes and Styles of Maker Faire Attendees (Part 2)

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It was fun to see people expressing themselves at Maker Faire with colorful clothes and accessories. (See Part 1)

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40 thoughts on “Cool Clothes and Styles of Maker Faire Attendees (Part 2)

  1. Very tired of the whole Steam Punk genera. Its old, tired and played out.

    Many MANY Makers present spent hundreds of hours pushing the limits of what can be done in your basement/garage. These are the real stars of the show.

    1. Very tired of people making disparaging comments about other people simply having a little fun. It’s old, tired and played out.

    2. Many of the people photographed here also made amazing things and showed them at Maker Faire. Others were simply attendees who came to appreciate makers’ creations and have some fun dressing up. I’m sorry you dislike it so much that you have to make disparaging comments about them, Neck Up.

      1. Really not that disparaging. Just overstating the obvious. Why not have a Steampunk Fair sort of like a Renascence festival. Just saying that after about 10 years the whole Steampunk thing is getting a bit predictable. There we some genuinely creative outfits at the Maker Faire…and lots of fun to see the originality.

        Then again….if YOU actually got dressed up in Steampunk attire…I could totally see how the comment could be interpreted as disparaging. Sorry about that. Must be an open wound. My bad.

        1. I wore a t-shirt and blue jeans, which is why I appreciate anyone who makes an effort to show a little sartorial creativity.

    3. If you are tired of steampunk, then don’t do steampunk. Later in the comment stream, you mention 10 years of steampunk. Is 10 years the limit on an idea? Will we have to eliminate Star Wars or Star Trek or fantasy or manga or LOTR or superhero costumes after 10 years? Oh, wait, those have all been around for way more than 10 years. There are some themes I am not fond of … but it is none of my beeswax to disparage another’s choice of escapism.

  2. Some of us have been wearing Victorian clothing on a near daily basis since before the term “steampunk” was even coined, me included. Folks thought I was weird in High School, College and since. Now I realize I was ahead of the trend, and now apparently once again behind it ;)
    I don’t consider myself “steampunk” and never have. And by the way, I have been making stuff (both professionally and for my own amusement) for about 50 years, including bringing exhibits to MF.
    Please remember that someone has to “make” much of what is seen as “steampunk” costume (the original vintage stuff rarely holds up to regular 21st Century use, sadly). Making fine costuming is an art and skill to be admired along with the robots, electronics, computer wizardry, etc., etc. If folks don’t believe me, try making a custom fitted corset or a properly tailored suit – including drawing your own patterns..
    Instead of classifying what is seen and being a little judgmental, I wish people would simply enjoy the fact that diversity in all its forms makes for a much more interesting and thought provoking world.

    1. No doubt there is making involved in the steam punk costumes, but why does there need to be a designated steam punk area in the faire? I don’t think singling out or favoring one type of scene in the faire is appropriate. It seems to be more of filler in the faire and a carry-over from the previous years. There are a lot of people making their own clothes and costumes in general not just steam punks.

      1. I agree 100%. Clearly I missed something as I was not aware that there was a designated area – I will also admit to never having used a MF map either, other than to find the bathrooms.
        When I can get away from our exhibit (which some think of as “steampunk” but we don’t, and needs darkness anyway so we get put in the cave that is Fiesta Hall), I like to just wander around and see what I find.
        Having also had a hand in organizing trade events in my professional life, it makes sense to group like-with-like (or believe me you get inundated with complaints that folks couldn’t find the stuff they had a particular interest in and the bigger the event, the more that becomes an issue), but indeed you do not have to assign a physical or literal label to any area, just group the stuff together by some form of similarity.
        Look at it another way…..if you label it, it makes it easy for folks to avoid it if they prefer.

  3. The girl with the red hair and striped tights had a really funky look going. I like the steampunk look when people put time into it, throwing a corset over everything isn’t the point.

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