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Lego Cuusoo Ladyada’s Workshop Set

Now you can help turn legendary hardware hacker Ladyada’s workshop into an official Lego product! Ladyada’s Workshop is a project on Lego Cuusoo, a new platform by Lego that lets amateur models get produced as actual Lego products if they get 10,000 votes.

Welcome LEGO fans! We looked around and couldn’t find a LEGO set that was geared towards inspiring young girls (and boys) to see how much fun engineering can be. After some recent articles and other LEGO releases geared towards girls we decided to work with a well-known LEGO artist Bruce Lowell to create “Ladyada’s Workshop” based on our own Ladyada who runs Adafruit.

Ladyada’s workshop is a place where you explore all the cool things you build and use when you’re an engineer! Computers, pick-and-place machine, laser cutter, soldering station and more! In Ladyada’s workshop you can run your own open-source hardware electronics company, complete with Mosfet the cat.

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    1. Nope, not just you. I think that the name has a lot to do with it; for engineer/makers, the whole origin of her name suggests woman-of-high-intellect, and that, my friends, is the hottest thing in the universe!

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