This series of posts is just the latest of many reasons why I heart the I Heart Engineering team’s I Heart Robotics (the internet blog). It consists of 3 posts, so far, each of which examines the use of a particular type of threaded fastener in fused-filament plastic parts like those produced by most desktop 3D printers. So far, they’ve hit common wood screws, special self-tapping plastic screws, and machine screws paired with these cool melt-in threaded inserts you can get (along with a special soldering iron tip for installing and removing them) from McMaster-Carr. The posts include downloadable data and specific recommendations for each type of fastener. If you build stuff with fused-filament parts, don’t miss it, and keep an eye peeled for the next installment. [via adafruit]

I Heart Robotics: Fasteners for 3D Printing